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Light Breaks Where No Sun Shines

Dylan Thomas

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A Question of Hope
Added by: David
The message of this poem is both simple and profound. What it is saying with each of its images is that there is hope in all that we call futile; that there is light in darkness and life even in death itself. Its unshaking optimism in the face of mortality is akin in spirit and meaning to 'And Death Shall Have No Dominion' and 'Do Not Go Gentle Unto That Good Night'.
One can't help being moved by the deftly articulated signs of this strong sentiment of courage, of the sheer stubborness of life, that runs throughout Thomas's ouevre.
Added by: malika brown
"Light Breaks Where no Sun Shines" my interpertation of this poem is that it is about God always loving us, even when we have sinned he loves us. Light often symbolizes hope, so this poem is saying when you have lost all faith there is always hope. So never give up!

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