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Dream Song 46: I am, outside. Incredible

John Berryman

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foreign terms
Added by: chad
One of my favorite DS's, this one, despite the fact that the foreign phrases have been giving me a hard time. I know JB read Latin, but can't find most of these words in a Latin dictionary; nor do they seem to be German. Not having studied either, I could be wrong of course--anyone able to help? --C
Added by: a
heck, i'm not sure about the language. but the poem seems to be about a "flight from analysis" from what i can tell. Has a lot to do with Henry's desire for solitude, as well as Berryman's desire to be alone when writing. but that didnt help much, did it? oops.
Added by: a
found this:

might help,

Added by: BS
the final line= "I give that you may give" the principle of reciprocity

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