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William Carlos Williams

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Barn House
Added by: Zaineh
Oh my gosh, this poem reminds me of a barn house type setting where you wake up on a beautiful summer morning where the sun is shinning throughout the whole house because there are so many windows. You feel so refreshed and happy, everything seems to be smiling at you and happy to see you. You are at peace with yourself and no one is going to change this beautiful mood. The house seems so pure and the person giving you the perspective comes off as a sweet kind young woman who just loves life for what it is. Perfect. Ahhhh......so nice.
I think WCW is one of the best poets I've ever read. He really does show you simple pleasures that you see everyday, but don't truly appreciate them until they are pointed out to you. The diction is so cheerful and bright, the structure of the poem kind of leads you around the house or wherever (the bedroom maybe) and you see everything he wants you to see. It's perfect.

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