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William Carlos Williams

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Added by: Ahsan A.
That last image of 'wild solitude' and a 'solitary track', somehow,
it reminds me of certain scenes in the video of 'VIENNA' by Ultravox.
Added by: David
This is a poor poem.
If you think it`s good you need
your head examined.
Added by: RSB
I disagree with David. The incredible imagery in this poem brings out the frightening and beautiful feelings one experiences during a fierce blizzard. After living in North Dakota for 25 years, I can speak from experience. Incredible how he can take a relatively small number of words, and paint a picture in my mind, not only of the things one sees, but the smells, the temperature, the feelings, the thoughts, the despair... if that means I need my head examined, well, I think I would rather live in Williams' world than in David's.
Depression... Possibly?
Added by: Lulu
Isn't it perfectly possible that this poem is really about the Depression? I couldn't find the date when it was written, so if the dates don't match let me know. But the whole description of a Blizzard torn community is the description of the country during the Depression. Then the glory brought on by WWII and the wealth. I don't know, tell me if you agree with me.
Another reading.
Added by: Michael
WCW brilliance is in portraying scenes that witness the emotions of an invisible, yet engage, poet. This poem contrasts the state of anger, which WCW experiences as a blizzard that holds him hostage for sixty years while sinking deeper with heavier weight, with the track of wild solitude that is disclosed by the sun after. This blizzard is, likely, a depiction of WCW marital experiences of his wifes anger, alluded by other poems. The beauty of the poem is that it can capture so much with so little and creates an unusual balance between the profound unsettling emotions and the engaged objectivity with which they are rendered.
Added by: Sonny Jergenson
This is simply about when WCW met the love of his life -- too late! He's found that he's put on his expensive doctor's salary afforded hiking boots and taken the solitary footpath of the life that stretched out before him down there in Jersey and now it's just too damn late to turn off.
Added by: thor rambling
i think that this poem is a brilliant expression of imagist poetry, which williams was actually well-known for. there may be internal reason behind the poem, but for the rest of the world, it's about a blizzard.
Added by: Vanessa
the poem IS about the depression; the author was a modernist/imagist - a writer of the modern age. they used a lot of imagery and took away from the sentiment of good things that don't exist in poetry that was written prior to this time. the modernists were around from about 1915 - 1946 and therefore, it is more fitting this poem is about the depression -- a blizzard is just the obvious but still, poems must be interpreted on a deeper level.
Save the world
Added by: Cate
Because he was a doctor, I believe this poem serves as his pensive in that his "solitary track stretched out/upon the world" would leave some mark on the world. All he wanted to do was make the world a better place in the 'blizzard' of his time--The Great Depression
Nice Haiku
Added by: Mike
Nice Haiku, David.
While I disagree with you
I respect your wit.

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