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Langston Hughes

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Added by: Nichole Puhlman
I think that the poem cross is one of the truest poems i've read from his works. It sets out there that his parents are of different color and background, and in his times and growing up that was probably hard. I think he's a tough black male for his incourgaging words of his past.
Added by: ali
i think this poem is the best poem which represent the reality about people who marry with other cultur.
Added by: Kristen Jackson
I think that this poem was excellent because it really convied the inner most thoughts of a child with a mixed heritage. Often mulatto children are faced with this identity crisis because they are neither white nor black but a mixture of both and hughes really did a good job of explicating his feelings.
Added by: Lee
Langston Hughes' Cross expresses his feelings on his heritage as both Black, through his mother, and white, through his father. He is speaking from experience and his maturity is evident in his admission that he does not hate either of his parents anymore. He realizes that it is wrong for him to, and wrong for him ever to have blamed his parents for who he is. No ammount of hatred can change who he is or change the hand which life has dealt him.
He also contemplates the future and while noting his multiple heritages, he finally speculates upon which heritage he will assume and will eventually be known for after his death.
Added by: Terence
This poem is one of the most realistic poems i've ever read.
I've read many poems in my time but this might be the best. Because it is showing how people are treated by there color but how people can
This hot poem
Added by: Josse
Langston Hughes is my favorite poet ever because he is so profound in his work without being pedantic. Also, because he touches base with any subject matter. In this particular poem, he touches on the issue of who he is racially in which I can personally connect with.

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