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Visitors' Comments about:

A Brook In The City

Robert Frost

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Added by: oli
Tthis poem is beautiful Robert Frost must have had a real love of nature, as he describes it with such beauty, and poses the question many of us ask today in this modern rapidly changing world how can the beauty of nature survive?
Added by: Jen S.
This poem by Frost is really beautiful and indeed does seem to take on the meaning of an environmental poem. I feel that Frost is not far from Robinson Jeffers, who is know for his environmental poetry. Jeffers tells us to be careful with nature because when it's gone we have doomed ourselves. He also shows that if man left the areas they stole from the animals and environment, those areas would in turn go back to how they were before man entered them. I believe these points from Jeffers are echoed in this poem by Frost. I see so much of a connection between them that I am writing a paper on it for my college class. If you like this poem you should read Bixby's Landing by Jeffers and then compare the two.

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