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The Nightingale

Samuel Coleridge

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Added by: Willow
This is a beautiful poem which deserves more praise than just my comments. Don't be put off by its length. Once you get the gist of it, try separating it into themes!

Coleridge is completely right. He is saying directly to Milton (and I think he would to Keats, given the chance): stop appyling your problems and moans to the nightingales song. Nature is so beautiful, stop blackening it by adding your misery. See lines 12 - 15.
Lines 34 onwards explain that people appreciate the bird and Nature. They will want to use the poem as an escape from their troubles, a slot of time where they can be free and can use their imaginations. They don't want to read a poem full of problems, as it will remind them of their own problems and doesn't give them any pleasure. The reader has to question poets such as Keats (and their poems, eg Ode to a Nightingale), who were supposedly romantics. Romantic writers/poets are meant to appreciate unspoilt nature, yet Keats engulfs the simple natural beauty, and uses it to vent his depression. He is doing exactly what he was against - he is spoiling nature.How romantic is that?!

This poem has a lot of meanings and symbols for things. For you guys who are writing essays, think about Coleridge other than a poet, but also Father (see lines 92+).

Enjoy this poem!

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