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Just Keep Quiet And Nobody Will Notice

Ogden Nash

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Added by: Caitlin Stern
Hah! True! Pointing out your faults just brings attention to them. What is ironic is that most people wouldn't notice if you didn't tell them.
Added by: MaryMary
It's so true. Whenever I'm about to apologize in advance for something I remember this poem and shut up. Nash was a genius!
Typos in this poem
Added by: Rob Collins
Please correct the following:

Line 10: "And they apologzie" / apologize

l. 12: "teahter, the" / theater, they

l. 13: "most capacious diary" / dairy

l. 16: "hours that must be spend" / spent

Added by: colclizbe
This is so true for today's 'nation of the offended' society.

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