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Three Short Poems

W.H. Auden

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underground:hounted kingdom
Added by: Mohammad Hadi Daryaei
Before I started to translate Ezra Pound's In a station of a metro and Auden's 3 short poems INTO persion something happend to me,maybe some kind of mind communication with poets.I was in Tehran metro station the atmosphere was alittle bit taken and dark the Idea or feeling which came INTO my mind was that;" It seems that crowd of people in the station waiting for the train has made the station suffocating for deads because I thought that the statin had been a cemetery long years ago".So by these unconscious feeling lateron I dealt with the poems.Ezra's one exactly was about station of metro and Auden 3 short poems started with something like metro i.e " underground roads" as well as another similar imagination;" Deads" mentioned experience of mine may help reader to come closer to what poets are going to draw and say.
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Added by: Andrew Kolb
There is definitely a connection between subways and cemetaries, but I'm not sure that either Pound or Auden make it. Perhaps it would be more fruitful to treat this theme in an original poem rather than in a translation.

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