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Philip Larkin

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Days by Philip Larkin
Added by: Nora Bettle
Philip Larkin is a wonderful writer. He shows his poem with great emotion and as superb feelings for his writing.I say well done to him.
Added by: Rob Kay
This is a poor poem, ill-constructed and superficial. The author commences with a rhetorical question: "What are days for?" Wandering around the subject, evidently looking for insiration, he eventually muses within a childish riddle that the answer is death itself. (priest and doctor). Well, thanks, Phil, how incisive, how original (not!)

Definitely written on the back of a fag packet after a night on the beer, and should have stayed there in my opine!
Added by: William
"Days" rejoins the spirit of Dickinson's shortest poems.
All is depicted in few words.
Phillip Larkin sucks
Added by: Ash and Charlotte
We have had to study Philip larkin for our A-level exam, and we think he sucks. He was so totally engrossed in his own depression that he failed to miss the enlightening events of the world around him. NO MORE LARKIN!!!
Dont be so harsh on Larkin!!!
Added by: Larkin fan - 17 yrs old
Although Larkin's poem 'Days' may have a conversational style, a childish rhetoric and a highly ambiguous choice of language; it truthfully embodies the omnipotence of death and explicitly conveys Larkin's shrewd observational skills. Larkin is merely probing universal ideas and allowing us to acknowledge how monotonous everyday life is.
Added by: anon
Everyone's a critic!! Okay so the poem wasn't a forty line piece of art consisting of rhyming couplets each written in perfect iambic pentameter. Give the guy a break!! This poem actually very cleverly deals with the idea of mortality, that where we are now is all that we have, and many people often take that for granted, never considering the alternatives to our present existence. Just because you don't like it, you could at least appreciate the skill involved in the construction.
What is wrong with Larkin?!
Added by: Catherine
Philip Larkin happens to be my dad's godfather and although I may not have known him myself, but I think poetry is not only about the happy things in life..poetry helps to free your mind from things LIKE depression - which is a good subject to write about. And the only people who can say that his poetry and work is not good enough, would be the most successful poet of our time, and even THEN he/she cannot be certain. Larkin is brilliant and that is that.
not your normal poet
Added by: tom
for all you out there think that this poem sucks, dont be so shallow! look at larkin,he's not really a complex writter and nor is he trying to be. and as for originality, he couldn't be any more original, day's show this. it is simply larkin expressing his thoughts, and he doesn't try to hide this. he ponders upon life, about the meaning of it, about what happens after, is there an after, a thought that cross' every ones mind at some point. he does not try to be complex because he wants just to convey his thoughts to his readers. go larkinf! he's ussing poetry properlly!
the meaning of life, the universe and everything
Added by: Abel
A bit of trivia to lighten the mood: in my copy of 'The Whitsun Weddings', this poem appears on page 24. Invert this number and any one who has reader 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' will know that this is in fact the meaning of life! A little far fetched, I know. But I think that despite some of the negative comments this poem has received here, it is an interesting way of exploring the meaning of our existence and reflects the sense of hopelessness and meaninglessness to life which Larkin felt and expressed in many of his works. I love the child-like opening question and the evasive answers which remind me of a parent bluffing their way out of a question they cannot or do not wish to answer.
english literature
Added by: swatilekha
days by larkin is short ,precise yet has in it a piercing effect. he brings about the ultimate naked truth of our existence preety piously.what else is it all about other than doctors and priest. the days that we live in are our identity.it is an absolute larkin signature poetry.

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