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Old People's Home

W.H. Auden

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Added by: Andrew Mayers
It's worth HAVING a look at Larkin's 'The Old Fools'.
Larkin is, I think, angrier, but also more comapssionate. Neither poet, of course, gives me much to look forward to. God saves the best 'til last.
God, that brings tears to my eyes!
Added by: Tom Breit
I never realised Auden could be as sentimental as me! Those same feelings have gone through my mind so often about both my own grandmothers -- it's like unexpectedly coming across a nude photo of myself on the Internet!

One thing, though, line 17. I was taught that "it's" in that context should not have an apostrope. Is this a typo, or is that how Auden intended it?

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